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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  November 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on "news 4 new york," lock him up or get him help. prosecutors face a tough call. 24 hours ago, news 4 broke word that he was arrested again. >> this time for stealing a greyhound bus from the port authority bus terminal. the 50-year-old's adventures have made him a celebrity of sorts with 29 arrests for posing as a transit worker or stealing buses or trains. we have been reporting on him for nearly 35 years. his first arrest in 1981. >> a weird subway ride today. this may be the reason why. a 15-year-old queens boy hijacked a subway train and took it for a joyride. >> he suffers from aspergers syndrome. 4 investigates asks the tough question, how to balance public safety with treating mental health. here is marc santia. >> reporter: right now, he is
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locked up. law enforcement sources tell 4 investigators, the 50-year-old said he is done stealing trucks, trains and buses. now, he wants to steal an airplane. where were you planning to take the bus? he was busted in brooklyn for stealing a greyhound bus. it aprooifed at port authority from philadelphia at 11:00 a.m. but disappeared around 1:30. the vehicle resurfaced three hours and miles away in brooklyn with him behind the wheel. he has been a cult figure in the city since 1981. as a teenager, he stole a subway train. chuck scarborough had the play-by-play. >> a very young person seemed to be driving the train. >> he has autism classified as a restricted range of interests and reteptive behaviors. he's been in and out of jail for decades.
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>> they are more often the victims of violence than the perpetrators of violence or criminal actions. >> reporter: carolyn wolf is a professor and attorney who specializes in mental health law. >> we need to balance individual rights and privacy with safety and security of individuals in the community. >> reporter: in a 2002 interview with harper's magazine, he said, quote, i know there's no such program as trains anonymous, but if i can get some kind of counseling counseling, it will be beneficial toward me. police arrest him in a facility. d.a., richard brown suggested at the time -- >> my sense is, if he's going to get help, it will be in prison. >> reporter: in the criminal justice world, punishment isn't the only answer. >> it's really disgraceful that in our country, the largest provider of mental health services are the jails and prisons.
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>> reporter: he's facing a charge of grand larceny. marc santia, "news 4 new york." new tonight, an accused cop killer appeared in court for a crime. she has strong words for howard as she gave him the maximum 12 years. they face public scrutiny for sending him to a drug treatment program instead of prison. howard is now separately accused of murdering nypd police officer. he had strong comments about elected officials pointing the finger of blame. the woman accused of killing her fiance while kayaking is back in court. she gave prosecutors a dna sample. they will use it to compare with the evidence. the 46-year-old was found floating in the hudson back in may. prosecutors say she admitted to tampering with his kayak. they say she wanted to cash in on his life insurance policies. a pair of cops are on the
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run in new jersey after shooting a postal police officer. sources tell news 4, this started when they did a traffic stop at 18th avenue in newark. sheldon dutes picks up the story. >> reporter: crime scene tape blocked off the section. a postal officer was shot in the hand by two men pretending to be police officers. he was off duty and his personal card. law enforcement sources say the fake cops approached and tried to approach him. u.s. postal inspector says the officer drove himself to a nearby police station to report the shooting. >> he's doing okay. our thoughts and prayers are with him. >> reporter: hours after the shooting, investigators were scouring the neighborhood looking for evidence. john cook lives on the block and says more should be done to control the city's gun violence. >> i hope they do something about it. you know, more than what is being done.
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every day there's a shooting. >> reporter: the essex county prosecutors office is handling the investigation. i have been in touch with them throughout the day. right now, they do not have specific information about the suspects. the search continues. in knew wark, sheldon dutes, "news 4 new york." an early morning house fife led police to a sizable drug bust. an officer posed with some of the marijuana plants they found inside the home. that fire broke out in the garage and spread to the main house. officers rushed in to rescue two people and found roughly 50 pot plants, all in the basement. police arrested the four men who live at the home. new tonight, new york secretary of state wants the nuclear plant closed permanently. two are up for reliancing by the regulatory commission. the cuomo administration says the plant should be shut down. radiation leaks can harm millions of nearby residents if there's an earthquake.
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a major terror takedown overseas. what investigators say isis suspects were plotting. a young army captain gets the medal of honor. he reveals what was going through his mind when he comes face-to-face with a suicide bomber. >> mr. price is here. >> we didn't get a lot of rain, but we are getting a lot of
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a major terror sweep overseas. police in six countries arrested more than a dozen people with ties to isis. italian sources say they were planning attac riks in northern europe and the middle mest against norwegian and british diplomats. the leader was arrested in norway. they are accused of using an online network.
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an army captain. he fought back tears as the president placed the medal of honor around his neck. the 32-year-old is credited for saving many lives when he stopped the bacher in august, 2012. the attack killed three fellow soldiers. d>> all i could think of is get him away. gotta get him away from the rest of the guys. you know, pushing through him. he lands on my feet and detonates. >> he nearly lost his leg. he spent three years recovering from injuries. today marks the tenth time a living person got the honor. >> a courageous man. a disturbing twist in the disappearance and death of a new jersey toddler. what a lawyer about the boy's aunt is saying about a video about a young boy who vanished and was found dead. lester holt has more of what
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>> chopper 4 not t the only ai rcraft targeted by lasers last night. you'll see how cops track down suspects in some of the cases. we are covering the indiana murder mystery of a pregnant wife killed in a home invasion and a birth col packaging mix up. 113 unplanned pregnancies later. should the pill maker have to pay up?
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on news 4 at 6:00, bus safety technology. >> what if where i'm standing turns out to be dangerously close to the path of a bus?
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like this. i'dall show you how it dorks. a 12-year-old brooklyn murder case with a startling new twist. the jailhouse interview with a man who may have been wrongly convicted of murder. those stories are new when chuck and i see you at 6:00. >> thank you. the attorney for a new jersey woman whose nephew was found dead in the woods says it's a coincidence about her making movie about him disappearing. she was called to testify before a grand jury this week. his body was found a half mile from his home last month. ironically last month, he made a video featuring him as a child who vanished and was later found dead. >> it certainly is an un nny coincidence coincidence. i would encourage people not to focus too much on it. it's a waste of time. >> the grand jury is hearing testimony.
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no arrests were made in connection with the boy's death. a former wesley an university student found selling drugs pleaded guilty in court today. as part of a plea deal, he will have some of the charges dropped. >> they overdosed after buying drugs they believed was molly. tests revealed it was synthetic marijuana. he could spend up to a year and a half behind bars. an armory that erupted in flames earlier this week. it knocked it down. it's more than 100 years old. officials say the structure is no longer safe. fire gutted the abandoned building monday. investigators are trying to figure out what started the ed ed the blaze. >> you have seen the offers for zero percent interest credit cards. watch out. here is lynda baquero.
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the average variable interest rate right now is 15% and 13% for a fixed rate. who wouldn't want to save money signing up for a card with no interest at all, right? before you do, here is what you should know. plastic is often the currency of today's shoppers and every credit card company wants you to use their card, especially as we get closer to the holidays. one of their biggest hooks to catch new customers, zero percent interest rates. >> it is a good idea if you are transferring from one card to the zero percent card and you can pay it off. then yes, it's a good deal. >> reporter: this financial planner says jumping to a limited time zero percent deal can be a bad deal. >> they are in the business of making money. they are not doing you a favor. >> reporter: they will likely carry over a balance when the rates go up to a more common 14% or higher.
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take advantage of zero percent and lock them in. >> reporter: it's not just credit card companies signing you up. >> during the holiday season, you are going to see more than zero percent credit cards, zee percent financing lay away. you are borrowing the money. it is not yours. >> reporter: best advice? save your money, buy what you need with cash. it's old fashioned advice, but it works. they have been warning credit card companies to make sure the marketing materials clearly show you when the interest charges will accrue and what the rate will be. >> linda, what if you use the zero percent card to pay it off, then close the account. >> it sounds good. you have to see if there's a fee to do that and how much you can transfer. sometimes there's a limit. even if you pay the balance without the interest, when you
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average age of all your accounts drops and lowers your credit card. if you apply for another card, you paid that off, that drops your credit score every time you have an inquiry. tough be careful. >> thank you. >> pay cash. >> easier said than done. >> read the fine print, people. to get in touch with our investigative team, call us at 866-news-244. dave price is always reading the fine print. >> absolutely. very important. look at the numbers. that is what we are going to do tonight, in fact. we are looking outside. behind you, it's a nice evening out. time square in the background. just behind the anchor team, the empire state building. it should go green for the jets about 6:00 tonight. cloudy skies out there. damp. the rain is pushing it out of the way. the rain drops few and far between today. more bark than bite. we have a little bit of rain in
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the city. we'll talk about the totd l als in a moment. the winds of change are blowing. they will blow harder as the evening progresses. you are going to feel it. cool plans for the weekend? of course you do. we are all going to be cool. in fact, cold in some locations as we get to saturday morning. right now, temperatures around the area, mid-50s to about 60 degrees. 59 in newark. 54 in par sipny, double fives in ramsay. widening the picture, 57 in long branch. rain totals, this is what i'm talking about. to the north and west, maybe 15, .15 inches in poughkeepsie. really just above a trace in some locations. almost nothing measurable in new york. it was cloudy. most of it pushing out of the way right now. still a scattered shower, but it opens the door for winds.
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by 9:00 tonight, we could be seeing gusts predicted in the future prediction model at 31 miles per hour. now, we fast forward to tomorrow morning during rush hour, 34 miles per hour. we could see restrictions on the roads and the tappen z bridge. by friday into saturday, the winds saturday morning, 29-mile-per-hour gusts. sustained winds 20 to 30 miles pe >>r hour. storm tracker shows this system moving through. we saw winds along the great lakes at 50 miles per hour today. we are going to get a good dose of that combined with a lower thermometer reading. patchy clouds, winds on the increase. west wind 20 miles per hour. tomorrow, 55 in the city. sunrise, 6:40. here is a look at the seven day forecast, everybody. as we progress into the next seven days, we are going to see temperatures which look like
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they are taking a dive on saturday. they recover as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday. that's a quick look at the forecast. get out that heavy jacket for saturday, folks. >> we will, dave. thank you. coming up next, an army imposter busted. >> a man at the jersey shore is charged with stolen valor on veterans day. police say they caught him near a military base. >> it's a smack in the face to all those who served for our country. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg. why the officer who made the arrest was personally offended. >> the pik c of the day. that's the park. if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, #nbc4 and why. on twitter or instagram. we may select it as the social
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on veterans day, we honor those who served our country. a south jersey man in an army uniform ended up in handcuffs. >> he was impersonating a soldier. ted greenberg explains how he was caught. >> he identified himself at being an active member of the united states army. >> reporter: he dressed the part, but galloway township police say the 25-year-old is an imposter who claimed to be a military police officer on veterans day. >> we believe he could have been out trying to obtain some benefits from wearing the uniform. >> reporter: the patrolman says he initially thought the guy in
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side of pa mona road needed help. when he recognized him from unrelated dealings in town, he knew the man was not a member of the military. >> i take offense to it. >> reporter: brenner is a veteran who served four years as a marine. >> there's men and woman serving today, you know, the veterans, you know, they are being recognized who made sacrifices. we have this gentleman who hasn't. >> reporter: porter was stopped a short distance away from the 177 fighter wing of the new jersey air national guard. police charged him with violating the stolen valor act, which makes it a crime to impersonate a military member or veteran. he was also carrying a police scanner, handcuffs and a handcuff key. illegal in this case, because he was allegeably posing as a member of the army.
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the face for those who served. a woman who answered the door at his home didn't want to talk about his arrest. >> no excuse. he's kind of felt that he was right in doing what he was doing and there was no problems with it. >> reporter: police tell me they are looking into claims on social media that he told others he's a member of the military. investigators say they want to talk with anyone who's had a similar encounter. i'm ted greenberg, "news 4 new york." sthak >> that does it for us. thank you for watching. >> stay here, the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, news 4 investigates new technology designed to keep pedestrians safe from buses. >> manhunt on the lower east
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side for the suspect that robbed and sexually assaulted a woman. an i-team exclusive interview with a man behind bars for a crime he may not have committed. >> i'm chuck scarborough. the nypd is cracking down on reckless drivers by assigning 1700 officers to enforce the traffic laws. 230 highways, 150 traffic operations and over 1,000 traffic enforcement and 154 patrol officers assigned to the task force. >> two recent pedestrian deaths are ear illy similar. andrew siff is live in midtown with the details. >> reporter: rush hour especially, buses and pedestrians fighting for every
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